Concrete Crushing & Concrete Recycling

Concrete Crushing & Concrete Recycling

Any demolition project, no matter how big or small, will require some form of concrete crushing or concrete recycling.

Whether the concrete recycling project requires waste collection, the transportation of items to recycling sites or concrete crushing services. Our decades of experience and reliable partnerships ensures that each client’s needs are dealt with to the highest of standards, whilst adhering to health and safety and remaining cost effective in equal measures.

At Bath Demolition, Bristol, our aim is to be as environmentally friendly as possible, by recycling produce such as concrete recycling, while remaining clean and tidy throughout construction sites and conservation areas. Our demolition work takes waste management to another level, from concrete crushing to concrete recycling, we provide an excellent array of options.

Concrete crushing machine owned by Bath Demolition, experts in concrete crushing & concrete recycling across Bristol, Bath and the South West

Concrete Crushing

We provide a comprehensive concrete crushing service during the construction and demolition phase of the project. Whilst protecting the environment and conserving resources, we consult with our demolition clients to assess which sites would benefit from concrete recycling. Concrete Recycling allows for the materials through the concrete crushing process to be used again for further site development.

Although it is not the only recyclable material, Concrete is one of the most frequent resources in this regard. To utilise our time on site, our mobile concrete crushing plant delivers on-the-spot concrete recycling facilities.

This allows the crushed concrete to be reclaimed again during the construction phase of your project, reducing the costs of re-development and eliminating the need for transport, further benefiting your environmental impact.


As well as on-site concrete crushing, steel works and other metal or plastic materials may be recycled. Our strong relationship with local recycling centres and esteemed knowledge of the recycling process, allows us to control waste management, such as concrete recycling, in an environmentally friendly way. The industrial equipment used during the demolition and recycling process allows our knowledgeable team to work efficiently and with everyone’s best interests in mind.

The whole course of our concrete crushing and concrete recycling services, are managed for you. Bath Demolition will consult you each step of the way to ensure that we are delivering to your needs in the recycling, or concrete crushing & removal of your materials.


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Site Clearance is part of the Demolition Process carried out by the team at Bath Demolition. From Site preparation, to demolition and site clearance, Bath Demo can help

At Bath Demolition we promise to provide a high standard of service from start to finish. This includes the initial steps of working up to demolition and site clearance keeping in mind your every desire for the construction project including external factors such as environmental impact and waste management.

Team undergoing Asbestos removal

Bath Demolition are expert asbestos removal contractors and take into account all health and safety precautions in line with the Environmental Protection Agency.

If you have discovered asbestos or suspect that there is some kind of exposure to asbestos on your site, our knowledgeable and highly skilled team can access the matter and proceed with caution. It’s understandable that you’ll want an easy, safe and pain-free way to remove the problem.

Remediation process

Bath Demolition pride themselves on providing the best outcome for our clients in the field of decommissioning and remediation.

The acquisition of land doesn’t necessarily mean that you can begin building straight away. With measures put in place to restrict construction by councils and conservation areas, our expert advice will help you get on the right track. As pressure on building land is mounted, brown field site regeneration and remediation are becoming more important.

Enabling Works

The first step to preparing a site for demolition and construction is enabling works.

Bath Demolition has all the tools, know-how and carefully prepared processes in place to make this vital stage possible.


Areas Covered

Based in Bristol, Bath Demolition carries out demolition and site clearance nationwide.

The main areas we cover are:

  • Newport
  • Redding
  • Cardiff
  • Southampton
  • Taunton
  • Oxford
  • Exeter
  • Birmingham
  • Swindon
  • Newbury

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