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Demolition and Site Clearance in Oxford

Qualified and also delivering a high quality of service, Bath Demolition operate a wide range of construction services in the Oxford area to new and existing clients. Whether you’re searching for a complete demolition of a site to asbestos removal, concrete crushing and recycling, or decommissioning and remediation, our skilled team with utmost attention to detail can assist.


Two demolition diggers from Bath Demolition, carrying out a demolition project in Bristol. Site clearance project to follow and aid with concrete recycling

Why Choose Us?

Demolition contractors that deliver great outcomes, we provide all construction services under one roof to give you ultimate satisfaction and professionalism from start to finish. Our honest and high-quality approach is one that clients across Oxford rely on time and time again as we help with the success of builds thanks to our skilled and experienced team.

The Demolition Process

All parts of a demolition service are carried out in a bespoke nature to meet the needs of our clients. We’ll begin the process with a site visit carried out by our qualified team who will be able to discuss the proposed project, what will be required of Bath Demolition and what opportunities are possible to move the project forward. This includes the need for any specialist assistance if necessary. We’ll then put together a detailed risk assessment for the proposed work whilst assessing and identifying any potential deleterious materials and how to remove them safely with the help of a site remediation specialist. Health and safety are important to any construction project and we want to ensure that all parties a cared for. Then it’s time for the action to begin as your dedicated demolition contractors in Oxford. The demolition task will be carried out using the best construction vehicles on the market and high-reach excavators. Once the entire demolition has been completed we’ll then remove all unwanted materials and make sure the site is left in an immaculate condition.

Asbestos Removal in Oxford

As a demolition company in Oxford, we provide all services to help ease the process of refurbishment and demolition, including the removal of asbestos. Our highly skilled team will identify the asbestos and discuss the best course of action moving forward. It’s important to remember that asbestos removal must be carried out by highly trained professionals and monitored operatives who have expertise in the job. When carrying out the work we do so with the highest health and safety standards in line with the Environmental Protection Agency using specialist equipment and protective uniform. The discovery of asbestos in any building can be unpleasant, and we want to make the removal of the issues safe and straightforward.

Concrete Crushing and Recycling in Oxford

Bath Demolition is a demolition company that carries out all aspects of a construction project from start to finish. One aspect of this process includes concrete crushing and recycling using the finest techniques and equipment. Whether you’re looking for concrete crushing services so that materials can be used again in the future in a sustainable fashion, or recycled using a respectable local recycling centre, we can help. This aspect means that you’ll no longer need to hire your own crusher, operator or skip, and instead continue the project in a stress-free way by handing over the removal of materials to the professionals.

Decommissioning and Remediation in Oxford

Once an individual or company has purchased a piece of land, there are a number of factors to consider before construction works can begin. One of which is decommissioning and remediation which can be carried out by our dedicated and knowledgeable team in the field. Before redevelopment can begin there needs to be an assessment made to ensure that local councils are happy with the plan of action, especially for brownfield sites, conservation areas or buildings that may have asbestos. Our expert team will carry out a tailored site visit to discuss what steps are best to take in order for a hassle-free build and can advise on what actions to take with regard to samples and applications.


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Two demolition diggers from Bath Demolition, carrying out a demolition project in Bristol. Site clearance project to follow and aid with concrete recycling

Experts in asbestos abatement

Two demolition diggers from Bath Demolition, carrying out a demolition project in Bristol. Site clearance project to follow and aid with concrete recycling

With its variety of historic and older buildings, properties within the Oxford area can be prone to asbestos. Therefore, having a professional and thorough assessment is critical to eliminating any health risks associated with asbestos exposure. Our dedicated asbestos services in Oxford are tailored to your needs. We understand that when discovered it can be an alarming time, thats why our efficient and effective team are on hand to assist. Whether investigations need to be made in domestic homes, construction sites, schools or industrial facilities, our careful approach is carried out at a time that is convenient for you to eliminate potential disruption. We take health and safety very seriously and always ensure to safeguard all those on-site to create a healthier environment for the future.

Two demolition diggers from Bath Demolition, carrying out a demolition project in Bristol. Site clearance project to follow and aid with concrete recycling

An issue addressed sooner rather than later, Asbestos can cause significant challenges not only to a buildings structure but to the health and safety of others. For efficient and effective professional services for asbestos removal in Exeter, Bath Demolition are a leading choice in this field. A team of certified experts with extensive experience in this area, were specialists in carrying out this procedure for industrial, residential and commercial clients.

Fully licensed, insured and compliant with the latest regulations, Bath Demolition are a reputable company that is committed to providing the full package. From asbestos surveys to risk assessments, air motoring and removal, we ensure a seamless process that causes as little disruption as possible. We understand the importance of delivering successful asbestos services in Exeter and can tailor our offering to your needs when refurbishing or demolishing a building.

Two demolition diggers from Bath Demolition, carrying out a demolition project in Bristol. Site clearance project to follow and aid with concrete recycling

From commercial buildings to domestic homes and industrial sites, asbestos can be a major concern in older designs that were built decades ago. When dealing with this potentially harmful material, you want a professional team who will be able to address the situation in an effective and efficient way.

There are a number of health issues caused by common types of asbestos such as Amphibole and Chrysotile which can lead to shortness of breath, lung disease and even cancer. If you suspect that there is asbestos present in your building, then its best to get it seen to sooner rather than later.

Two demolition diggers from Bath Demolition, carrying out a demolition project in Bristol. Site clearance project to follow and aid with concrete recycling

If you’re looking for a demolition company in Newport that can deliver a high standard of service and a wide range of opportunities for your building site, Bath Demolition are on hand to help. For over 20 years we have been delivering the full works from demolition service to concrete crushing and recycling, asbestos removal, as well as decommissioning and remediation.


Matt, Barnie, Mick & George were especially polite and courteous.

Make Group

I would have no hesitation in recommending them having worked with them for over a decade on various projects.

Sir Robert McAlpine

An excellent response to an emergency situation. Works undertaken promptly and professionally.

Steinhoff Property Group

Very professional service provided.

Redrow Homes

They are attentive, friendly, non-combative, and will more often than not avoid costly variations to only claim up to the value of their order to ensure that you keep on budget. I would recommend this contractor to any potential customer.

Bellway Homes

Dear Bath Demolition,
Just wanted to say a quick thanks very much. We have been working on your school site down in Newton abbot for the last week clearing the trees. A very well organised, safe site and your guys couldn't of been more helpful, well worth a mention and thank you. A credit to you! If only all sites were like this!

Simon Hart, Director - Hartwood Timberworks Ltd

On behalf of the Hospital Company (Southmead) Limited, I am writing to thank you and your team for your role in completing the Southmead Hospital Redevelopment Project. Your contribution and determination to support the completion of this project, which started in 2010 and was completed in June of this year (2019), is recognised. Without your support this momentous milestone could not have been achieved.

Hospital Company (Southmead) Limited


Based in Bristol, Bath Demolition carries out demolition and site clearance nationwide.

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